Below we explain the purposes for which we use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and offer you the option of making settings in order to agree to this use, to withdraw your consent at any time or to object to its use.



Cookies and web storage technologies, such as local storage and session storage ("Cookies"), make it easier for you to interact on our websites. As soon as you visit our websites, the cookies e.g. B. downloaded as a small text file from your Internet browser to your end device. Third party technologies such as scripts, pixels and tags that we include on our websites for advertising purposes also place cookies on your device. In the following sections we explain what we use these technologies for and how you can adapt the settings to your needs.



Cookies do many different jobs that contribute to a seamless and more interactive online experience. The prerequisite for this is that you always use the same device and the same browser. Some specific cookies are essential for the operation and maintenance of our websites because they allow us to:

  • To provide you with the services you require 24 hours a day 
  • Provide you with accurate and targeted information
  • Provide you with a seamless and convenient online experience.



Cookies show us how you use our websites and how you interact with them. For example, when you save your settings and user ID. This helps us:

  • Provide you with a more personalized experience by navigating you to the most important pages more efficiently 
  • Remember certain personal preferences you prefer Direct you to useful content or pages


With the help of cookies we see how visitors use our websites and can improve them accordingly. We analyze e.g. B. which content is popular and from this we conclude which other topics could be relevant for our visitors. This helps us:

  • To make our websites better and to improve your online experience 
  • Try different approaches and present our visitors with the most relevant content to them 



Our websites may use cookies for re-targeting purposes. This means these cookies store information from your browsing history to record your interests and activities on our websites. Here’s how we or our advertising partners can:

  • Deliver targeted advertisements for our products on other websites based on your visits to our websites 
  • Combine relevant and targeted information so the ads you see match your interests 



Data processing and associated cookies may be used on our websites. Depending on the function and purpose, we divide data processing into different categories. The use of the categories is described below and can be managed there. All data processing that may have been carried out for this purpose is listed within a category, as well as the cookies that are usually used for data processing.



We use these to:

  • Remember your preferences
  • Provide you with multimedia content that meets your technical requirements to keep your data for authentication
  • Open cookie options



We use these to:

  • Learn how visitors engage with our websites
  • Find out more about the activities of our visitors within each page 
  • Improve our websites and tailor them to the needs of visitors
  • Open cookie options



We use these to:

  • Play advertising, content or online banners that are more relevant to you on websites
  • Create online advertising to target the right people with the right information
  • Prevent the same ads from being repeatedly shown to the same people
  • Strictly Necessary 


NEECESSARY COOKIES (always active)

We use these to:

  • Allow you to navigate back and forth between pages without losing your previous actions from the same browsing session
  • Ensure optimal load distribution when loading our websites
  • Remember your past actions, such as choosing your prior cookie consent
  • Open cookie options




Cookies support a better and faster online experience. A cookie is a small text file that saves internet settings. Almost every website uses cookies. The first time you visit a website, cookies are downloaded from your internet browser. If you visit this website again with the same device, the website will recognize youThis allows content to be displayed on the website that is tailored to your personal interests and needs. The cookies mentioned below are synonymous with HTML5 session web storage and HTML5 local web storage.


First party cookies are cookies that we use ourselves or through commissioned service providers on this website and that youinteract with when you continue your activities on our websites.


Our websites may also contain content from other providers who may use their own cookies. Such third-party providers can set cookies and request information during your visit to our websites, e.g. that you have loaded one of our websites. Please visit thethird party websites to learn how they use cookies. Information about the respective third-party providers and reference to theirdata protection declaration can be found above in the detailed list. You can reject third-party cookies or withdraw your consent tothese cookies at any time - simply use the corresponding function on our websites. If you object to all third-party cookies, we canonly provide you with the functions on our websites that can be used without these cookies. In this case, sections of our websitethat integrate content from third parties and thus require the setting of cookies by third parties will not be available to you. You will be informed of this by a corresponding notice. If you still want to use the content of the websites in such a case, thisis only possible if you accept the use of cookies that require consent. Please use the corresponding function on our website to give your consent. For more information, see the list of cookies that includes any third-party embedded code (e.g. tags/scripts/pixels).


If you refuse cookies that require your consent, we will of course accept this decision and will not set any corresponding cookies. If you revoke your consent to cookies that require consent or object to the use of cookies that have already been activated due to legitimate interest, we will refrain from using these cookies starting with the visit to the following page. We delete the latter if they are first-party cookies, as far as it is technically possible for us. However, if these are functional cookies, this means that you will not be able to use all functions of our website correctly. You can also object to the use of performance and statistics cookies: Unfortunately, this does not tell us what you like or dislike about our website so that we can then make improvements. Please note that we cannot delete third-party cookies. If you wish to delete all third-party cookies, you must do this in your browser settings. By the way: if you give your consent to advertising cookies



You can manage (enable/disable and delete) cookie settings on our websites via the functions above, but also by changing your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to manage your cookies, either by accepting or rejecting all cookies, or by allowing only certain types of cookies. The procedure for managing and deleting cookies can be found in the help function of your browser. If you change your cookie settings, certain cookies will be blocked. You may then not be able to fully utilize some functions of our websites. Also, we may not be able to provide some content that you have previously seen or used.



Information collected via cookies is primarily processed within the European Union (EU). In some cases, cookie information may also be processed by our commissioned service providers or by the providers of third-party cookies in countries outside the EU, which do not offer a comparable level of data protection from the EU point of view. In some countries, such as the USA, there is a particular risk that local authorities will obtain access to cookie information processed there for monitoring purposes and that there are no effective legal remedies against access. We have implemented appropriate additional safeguards such as contracts based on the EU Standard Contractual Clauses and the implementation of additional technical measures to ensure that information collected via cookies is adequately protected. If you have given your consent to cookies that require consent, you also consent to the transmission and further processing of information collected via cookies to countries outside the EU. Details on the transmission of information collected via individual cookies to countries outside the EU as well as further information from the relevant third party can be found in the information on the individual cookies.